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    On Air: Athleisure Fashion with Fox 5 DC 

    Yesterday I was over at Good Day DC at Fox 5 sharing some fun Athleisure looks. Athleisure is all about taking the looks you wear for your workout or at the gym and wearing them out to coffee, work, running errands, and other casual social occasions. I featured three athleisure looks from Bethesda Row boutiques- Kit &Ace, Lucy, and Ministry of Supply. 

    Models from left to right

    • Brianna is wearing pants, wrap, tank, and sports bra from Lucy. Her look is perfect from studio to street!


    • Grace is wearing a dress and shawl from Kit & Ace. Her look is great for weekends, travel, and the girl on the go! 


    • Dan is wearing pants, tee, zip up sweater, and jacket from Ministry of Supply. His look is the perfect workout to work look! 

    Thanks to Tucker NYC for the Market Dress and to Sophie Blake for the cuff and earrings. 


    Ministry of Supply Review 

    Have you checked out Ministry of Supply? One day I was walking past this new boutique in downtown Bethesda and I was intrigued with the beautiful minimalist boutique design and even more so by the clothing which features washable, wicking, stretch fabrics, tailored in work ready styles. 

    I had the chance to learn more about this clothing line, how the company was started, and the mission of the company.

    "The mission behind Ministry is to identify real life problems that traditional work clothing presents, then use performance fabrics, innovate construction, and purposeful design to create pieces that are in sync with how people live today." Genius and love this! 

    What I loved most about the men's and women's collection is that there aren't too many styles and too many pieces to choose from. It's more like a curated work capsule collection and the pieces are wearable and all the hard work has been done for you. 

    What I am Wearing: Easier Than Silk Nehru Blouse

    This blouse delivers the drape and feel of silk -without any of it's hassles. It's a polished shirt you don't have to worry about. 

    • 4-way stretch fabric
    • 84% polyester, 16% spandex
    • moisture-wicking
    • anti-odor treatment
    • machine washable
    • wrinkle-free 

    My blouse was gifted by Ministry and this review and all opinions are my own. 


    On Air: Golden Globes Fashion at Let's Talk Live

    Yesterday I stopped by Let's Talk Live over at ABC7/NewsChannel 8 for a fashion segment highlighting the best and worst fashion from Sunday's Golden Globe Awards. Some of my favorite looks were from Kristen Bell, Drew Barrymore, Thandie Newton, and Mandy Moore. 

    Click here to view the TV segment. 



    How To Care For Sweaters I Banana Republic 

    It is starting to feel like winter today in Washington D.C. and as I begin to wear more of my wool and cashmere sweaters I am finding that some of them need a little TLC. I have teamed up with Banana Republic to share my top 5 style tips for caring for your sweaters this winter season. 

    1. Hand wash sweaters when needed.  I usually throw my sweaters in the washing machine on a delicate low spin cycle and I use warm water with a gentle soap. But to be honest it's probably best to hand wash them in a sink if you can. (I am just too lazy!) After washing never wring sweaters because doing so will cause the sweaters to lose their shape. Also to mainstain the shape of sweaters sure always lay them flat to dry and never hang them up on the drying rack. Once my sweaters are dry I like to either run a steamer on them or toss them in the dryer on very low heat for 2-3 minutes. It helps to soften and fluff them up a bit.

    2. Steam sweaters between washes. One of the easiest ways to care for your sweaters between washes is to steam them. A steamer is more gentle than an iron and it is convenient and produces great results. I have this handheld steamer and LOVE IT.  Not only does a steamer remove wrinkles but it works great to freshen up and restore the shape of sweaters as well. 

    3. Properly store sweaters by folding them. It's best to fold sweaters instead of hanging them so that they maintain their shape and don't stretch. But having said that I hang all my sweaters with these plastic hangersI tend to hang mine only because I have more hanging space vs. drawer space.  But for cashmere or delicate sweaters I always fold them and put them in drawers. 

    4. Use a de-pilling and de-fuzzing comb. Pilling is common with sweaters and it is caused by rubbing during wear. Pilling is most apparent under the armpits and elbows but I have seen it happen all over my sweaters. Try an inexpensive comb like this one to de-pill and de-fuzz sweaters. Also as soon as you see pilling, lint, or fuzz you should remove them-don't let this build up. Also if you get holes in your sweaters it's best to take it to a seamstress to be repaired. This happened to me with my favorite cashmere cardigan and luckily I was able to fix the hole and the sweater is as good as new. 

    5. Wear a base-layer under your sweaters. Unless the sweater is fitted and tight I usually wear a tank or long sleeve tee (like this one) under my sweaters. The idea here is that the tank touches your skin and creates a barrier between your skin and the sweater. The barrier will prolong the life of your sweater because the sweater isn't coming into contact with your body oils, sweat, and odors. Also some wool and mohair sweaters are itchy and wearing a layer in between helps reduce itching and discomfort. 

    Feather Trim Cardigan



     Thanks to Banana Republic for sponsoring this post. Photos by Tamzin Smith


    One Word Resolution for 2017


    Happy New Year! The past couple of years I have chosen one powerful word-one word to describe how I want to feel instead of what I want to accomplish in the New Year. It's one word to guide me in my actions, behavior, decisions, and goal setting and it will shape my year and change me. This year my one word is CREATE. My hope is to create and design the year I want to live. 

    I want to create a travel plan for the year. In the past we have been so last minute with trip planning so this year I bought a paper calendar that I can flip through and plan out our vacations and travel for the entire year. I love traveling and this is a good way to take control and create some new and exciting travel memories. 

    I want to expand and create some new videos with my business. I love being an on-air style expert and sharing my style tips with you. This year everything related to my business and the blog is going to be about quality over quantity and I hope to create more in depth blog posts and more videos. I want to focus on activities that allow me to be a style expert because that's what I love doing most. 

    I am looking forward to creating a workout and wellness plan for 2017 as well. The multiple failed rounds of IVF I have undergone the past several years have taken a toll on my body and I am ready to move forward emotionally and physically. It's time to take care of my mind and body and health and wellness is going to be a priority for me this year. 

    Lastly I want to create and design a home that is clutter free, organized, and happy. I recently re read Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I am inspired to get our home all tidied up. I love the idea of keeping the home simplified because it really does free up the mind to focus on things that really matter. 

    Click here to learn more about #OneWord365 and if you're interested check out this amazing article on setting goals that are more about enjoying what you have instead of chasing what you don't. 

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